Web Development

Front-End Development

Bringing the designs to life on all devices.

Our front-end code brings the designs to life. Our team checks in regularly with both the lead designer and the client to make sure the integrity of the project is maintained throughout the build. Also, testing our HTML5 and CSS3 code thoroughly across modern devices and browsers makes all the difference come launch, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for end users.

Case Studies :

React JS / Progressive Web Apps

Producing the highest quality, single page JavaScript apps.

The development of web applications has progressed significantly over the last few years, enhancing the experience and functionality we can provide to users. With React JS as our framework of choice (though we also have considerable experience with AngularJS, Node.js, and Python), we can accommodate the build of web applications ranging from multi-user applications to single-function applications. Regardless of the project, we ensure it’s built to scale and fully optimized.

Craft CMS Websites

Integrating websites with a flexible, intuitive Content Management System.

In order to give our clients full control of their website's content, we integrate many of our projects with Craft CMS, an intuitive, flexible, and scalable content management system. This ensures that our clients can easily make updates without technical support. Craft CMS also provides an equally intuitive e-commerce platform called Craft Commerce, so regardless of the website type, we can cover it.

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