Web Design

Research And User Experience Design

Understanding the problem before trying to fix it.

Delivering a thoughtful end product involves working closely with our clients and end users to gain a deep understanding of the product, industry, and user profiles. After some initial research, we can explore concepts of key screens through white-boarding sessions and wire-framing, ensuring each page has an intuitive layout, and that the entire product has a clear flow.

Visual Design

Adding the visual aesthetics that bring great ideas to life.

Determining the design direction and overall tone not only makes the end product look visually appealing, but also enhances the user experience. Our designers pay attention to the details and ensure all designs stand up against web best practices. We also assist clients build robust style guides of their branding, be it a refresh or an entire rebrand exercise.

User Testing

Validating assumptions and taking a step back before coding.

Testing and validating designs is a key component of every project. Before heading into code and pushing the product live, we often help clients conduct usability testing (using clickable InVision App prototypes). Then, we distill the information and work with clients to revise and finalize the designs.

Case Studies :

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