Ongoing Support

Design Support

Evolving the web product and cascading styles across all marketing materials.

After going through the design process with our clients, our designers have a deep understanding of the brand and have either created or added to their style guide. Our designers are therefore well equipped to dive back in and help design out new features, landing pages, and marketing materials, etc.

Technical Support

Adding functionality and bringing peace of mind.

Our developers enjoy evolving their code over time by building out new functionality or revisiting “nice to have” features that didn’t make it into the initial project. Also, our developers are often engaged by clients who may not have the support of an internal IT or DevOps team to setup and configure servers.

SEO / ADA Compliance

Optimizing for search engines and ensuring accessibility compliance.

Although each web product we build is optimized for search engines, the launch of the site is often just the beginning. As an SEO strategy evolves we are on hand to assist our client’s marketing team with any design or development needs they might have, and can offer our own SEO guidance. We also regularly assist clients with accessibility audits recommended as their website or web app grows, and can help rectify any compliance issues discovered.

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