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A collection of screenshots of our work on Savory Living's web app.

Project Overview

In 2015, our collaboration with Savory Living yielded the successful design and development of a comprehensive web application tailored to promote health through healthy eating. Built for users and health coaches, this digital platform was designed prioritizing usability, flow, and boasts a dynamic array of content.

The outcome is an online tool that delivers Savory Living's expertise and resources directly to users and health coaches, expanding their reach and impact within the health and wellness community. The centralization of content such as videos, classes, recipes, and tips greatly enhances the effectiveness of their program and fosters greater engagement among users.

  • A screenshot of Savory Living's dashboard.
  • A screenshot of Savory Living's "Signup" screen.

The best decision we made was to hire Grafton Studio to build our web application. I couldn't be more pleased with the design, functionality and scaleability. … If you get the chance to work with these guys - you should take it!

Sue R. Levy

Savory Living Founder and CEO