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Two screenshots of our work on the Princeton & Slavery Project website.

Project Overview

Having been impressed by our work on another slavery-related project (, the Princeton and Slavery Project team charged us with designing and building a scalable and intuitive website to house its compelling narratives, primary sources, and dynamic visualizations. To add further impact to already-powerful subject matter, we incorporated advanced filtering and tagging functionalities, enabling users to navigate through related content effortlessly. Our integration of the Craft CMS login with Princeton University's single sign-on system enhanced accessibility and user experience, and our utilization of custom-coded templates integrated into Craft CMS was our solution of choice to the desired outcome of creating a robust and scalable platform.

Offering high school and college-level lesson plans, news and events section, and a contact form that accepts both feedback as well as relevant material submissions, the Princeton and Slavery Project is a dynamic and inclusive resource for scholars and the public alike.

  • A screenshot of Princeton & Slavery's homepage.
  • A screenshot of a Princeton & Slavery "Story" page.