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A collection of screenshots of our work on MIT AgeLab's website.

Project Overview

Grafton Studio was selected by fellow Cambridge organization MIT AgeLab to refresh their existing website with the aim of achieving a modern, streamlined, and responsive design. Together, we reimagined the site's architecture; in place of an increasingly convoluted site structure, we identified AgeLab's core areas of focus and meaningfully organized existing content accordingly, removing outdated or obsolete sections along the way. Our team implemented custom templates throughout the website, eschewing generic options in favor of tailored designs that injected personality into the platform and allows users to better engage with relevant content.

The resulting website not only boasts a polished and customized design but also offers a user-friendly interface that MIT and other universities within the New England consortium can take pride in.

  • A screenshot of MIT AgeLab's homepage.
  • A screenshot of an MIT AgeLab research "Project" page.

Grafton Studio has surpassed my every expectation for a web design firm. Not only are they a lean, responsive team, but they applied the kind of creativity and effort to their work that is typically reserved for a passion project. I couldn't recommend Grafton more highly.

Joseph Coughlin

Founder/Director, MIT AgeLab