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A collection of screenshots of our work on Concern Worldwide's US website.

Project Overview

Beginning in 2022, we partnered with renowned nonprofit Concern. Our team worked closely with Concern to understand their goals, audience, and unique challenges. Leveraging our expertise in user experience design, we crafted a fresh and intuitive website that beautifully showcases Concern's mission, stories, and initiatives.

The result is a compelling digital platform that empowers Concern to effectively communicate their message, engage with their supporters, and further their important work in serving communities in need, both in the US and across the globe.

  • A screenshot of Concern's homepage.
  • A screenshot of Concern's monthly donation page.

Grafton is one of the most dedicated and quality working professionals that I have ever worked with. Outside of impeccable attention to detail and design, they are extremely creative and effective. We will continue to work with Grafton for a very long time, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by their deliverables and their commitment to excellence.

Robbie Rusbuldt

Technical Program Manager, Network Content Delivery at Concern Worldwide