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A collection of screenshots of our work on Chhange's TV App.

Project Overview

The Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey approached us to create an app that would allow visitors to the center to navigate its "Journeys Beyond Genocide" exhibit content on two large, interactive touch screens. Given Chhange's adoption of Craft CMS for their website, we opted to leverage the same technology to maintain consistency and empower Chhange's team with familiar content management tools. Our goal was to create an intuitive and user-friendly app, recognizing that it would primarily serve teachers or guides leading groups through the exhibit. To foster a profound connection between visitors and the exhibit's content, our design strategy emphasized the strategic use of rich imagery and video elements.

In anticipation of the site's unreliable internet connection, we implemented a dual deployment approach, hosting the app both locally and on a web server. This ensured seamless data synchronization, allowing information captured by the touchscreens throughout the day to be effortlessly synced nightly and readily accessible for dissemination as needed. By prioritizing connectivity, straightforward flow, and emotional engagement, our app design facilitates an enriching visitor experience while also aligning with Chhange's mission of promoting awareness and understanding of historical atrocities.

  • A screenshot of the Chhange landing screen.
  • A screenshot of the Chhange "Why?" screen.

…We are always impressed by Grafton’s talent for taking a project to the next level. They really listen and understand a project well enough to offer agile and innovative solutions that have increased our visitors' interest and engagement.

Susan Yellin

Special Projects Co-Director at Chhange