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Case Study

Zephyr Forms

Web Application - Legal Forms

Zephyr Forms allows legal professionals and their clients to easily collaborate and prepare complex forms for the court system.


Our client was a lawyer practicing family law in Massachusetts with a background in technology. He spotted an opportunity in his field, and approached Grafton Studio to give his idea some legs.

Legal forms are traditionally a protracted, non-collaborative, time consuming-but-mandatory task. They require a lawyer and client to either use a PDF editor, or print and scan the PDF each time a single edit needs to be made. Furthermore, transmitting drafts is often done via email or file sharing service, both of which are cumbersome and often not properly secured.

Our Approach

To begin the project, Zephyr Legal Services supplied us with a detailed tech spec for the flow of each of the three primary users: lawyer, client, and administrator. From there, we sketched out each screen and simplified the flow, breaking each section of the form into manageable tabs instead of one long form.

Web Application - Legal Forms - Zephyr Forms - Our Approach Screen "Form 2"

We built custom features - like footnote functionality and a weekly calculator - to make the task of populating the forms that much easier for each user.

Web Application - Legal Forms - Zephyr Forms - "Weekly Calculator" Screen

With the lawyer and their client having the opportunity to seamlessly collaborate within the app on each section, we mapped each populated field to their respective line in the PDF form. Once both parties consider the form complete, the lawyer can download the form in an expedient, court-ready manner.

Web Application - Legal Forms - Zephyr Forms - PDF Export of Forms

Given the sensitive nature of the content of legal forms and the personal information contained therein, we placed extra emphasis on security. We encrypted the database, ensured all data in transit was secure, and set up a two-step authentication for new devices and users.

The Result

Zephyr forms is now in beta testing, focusing on family law in Massachusetts, with the potential to grow into other areas in the future.

“For this project, I knew I wanted a full-stack team with demonstrated experience developing polished, secure web applications. Grafton Studio was the clear choice. Throughout the project, they've been consistently attentive to my needs and concerns, and provided valuable input into the design and functionality of Zephyr Forms. The end result is a product that's even better than the one I originally envisioned, and that I'm proud to present to my clients and professional colleagues.”
Rackham Karlsson, Zephyr Forms Founder

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