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Van Stry

Custom Enterprise Software - Shipment Tracking

Van Stry designs and manufactures store fixtures, custom lighting, and interactive retail displays. With huge orders from clients like Macy's, Saks, Kohl's, and JCPenny, Van Stry’s client service team spent too much time on the phone looking up shipment statuses on their client’s behalf.


With shipments being sent in a near constant succession, Van Stry needed a tracking platform that would provide seamless order tracking and keep customer service representatives freed up for other queries. They decided to invest in the development of a simple piece of enterprise software that would provide real time shipment information to their clients.

Our Approach

To kick off the project, Van Stry walked us through their existing shipping process, and gave us permission to interview their client service representatives. By interviewing them, we could garner the most frequently asked questions about shipments, and design a system that answers all those questions with the click of a button.

From a technical perspective, we discovered that we would have to pull in data from a number of courier service providers such as FedEx, UPS, and AIT. FedEx and UPS provide APIs, so we were easily able to pull the necessary information straight into the application. For AIT, we had to take a more manual approach and generate tracking URLs for each shipment based on the order information.

With the technical specifics identified, we began our design phase. Working closely with the client service team, we wireframed and designed a variety of screens that would reduce their overall time on the phone.

The admin panel was designed for Van Stry to seamlessly add and edit clients, client store lists, and add individual store users with either national, regional, or store-level viewing rights. The admin panel was also designed to allow Van Stry to review and check the status of their full list of shipments for each client.

On the client side, the application was built to allow users with regional and national viewing privileges to log in and view the appropriate shipment lists and statuses. At the store level, a manager with the store ID could log in and view their respective shipment list.

The Result

Van Stry’s clients can now log in and simply track their store’s fixture order, without having to call the Van Stry office to request an update on a particular shipment. Van Stry invested in simple enterprise software that eliminates the time their client service team spends on the phone talking about shipments, instead creating breadth for other service queries.

“The tool provided by Grafton Studio solved a major pain point for both us and our clients. The team really took time to understand the issue which enabled them to build a clever solution in what was a pretty tight timeframe. I look forward to working with them again. ”
Barrett Stowell, Vice President Design & Engineering

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