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Case Study

United Electronic Industries

E-commerce Website

United Electronic Industries (UEI) work with a wide range of industries such as aerospace, defense and energy to provide their customers with everything they need to build data acquisition, control and monitoring systems.

Project Summary

UEI wanted to update their e-commerce website with a fresh design and simple configuration. Although the majority of UEI sales come through their dedicated sales team, the website plays a critical role in receiving orders and acting as an online catalog/browsing tool for clients. The website also acts as an industry resource, and contains other helpful information about the company which had been lost in the clutter that creeped in over the years on their existing website.

The Approach 

Cleaning up the site architecture was our biggest challenge during the design phase. UEI’s existing structure was difficult to navigate and their homepage was overwhelming (it had 237 clickable links!), which often made finding the right information a tedious task.

E-commerce Website - United Electronic Industries- Sitemap

Before coming to meet with us, the UEI team spent time discussing the issues of their current website and possible solutions. Bringing to the table a large volume of insights, the website redesign project team - which included stakeholders from a variety of departments like sales, marketing and upper management - made our efforts during this phase more targeted.

We conducted a number of working sessions at UEI’s headquarters in Walpole, MA, and after a few rounds of revision, we arrived at approved wireframes. The new site architecture was specifically developed to serve UEI products to prospective and existing clients with ease. We achieved this by simplifying the navigation, splitting it into a primary navigation which focuses on products, and a secondary/utility navigation which focuses on company and general resources.

E-commerce Website - United Electronic Industries- Featured Image

The development phase took a different path than our typical project. With such a large collection of products, we jumped straight into building out the products section in our content management system, Craft CMS. Once we had the backend built, we imported every product and their details from an excel provided by UEI. By tackling this task in the early stages of development, UEI was able to edit and add content throughout the remaining development phases allowing for a smoother site launch.

E-commerce Website - United Electronic Industries- Product Overview

As products were loaded and edited, the wireframes were brought to life during the visual design phase. As an information-heavy site, we kept the design clean so as not over-complicate something we had worked hard to simplify during the UX phase. Once design was completed, we coded and integrated all templates into Craft CMS

Additional functionality included giving customers the ability to search UEI's large catalog of products using filters, gating content with lead generation forms, and an intuitive checkout flow which includes a UPS shipping integration to estimate shipping costs.

The last piece of the development phase was building out a flexible dashboard for the UEI sales team to receive and manage orders, determine (based on geography) what rep should receive which orders, and view completed lead generation forms.

E-commerce Website - United Electronic Industries- Screens

The Result 

Grafton Studio was able to provide UEI with a modern and fully responsive website which simply showcases their customer-focused solutions; from an easily searchable product catalog to targeted content for specific industries and applications. 

See the Final Product

“For our website redesign project, Grafton Studio was absolutely the right partner for us. We required sophisticated content relationships that involved complex ranking, tagging and sorting, and the Grafton Studio team had the right expertise to meet this challenge. They have a sharp eye for details, big and small, and were exceptional to work with at all phases of our project. The final product is a sleek and intuitive website that takes our brand to the next level. We look forward to working with the Grafton Studio for years to come.”
Scott Sugarman, Director of Marketing Communications

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