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Case Study

Savory Living

Web Application | Healthy Eating Program

Changing how you eat to change how you feel is the ultimate goal of Savory Living: a 10 week healthy eating program designed to help people eat well and feel better.


Savory Living wanted to take their proven curriculum to the next level by consolidating their program into an online tool, with scalable functionality and an optimal user experience for program participants, coaches and administration.

Our Approach

While the Savory Living program is available to anyone, it primarily targets companies looking to offer health and wellness programs to their employees, so along with the standard signup interface and Stripe integration for credit charges, we built a discount code system in which both employees can redeem specific discounts and their company can sponsor portions of their fee.

Web Application - Savory Living Case Study - Approach Section

From a usability perspective, a seamless flow through each week’s curriculum was the biggest design challenge. The program is packed with classes, cooking videos, recipes, tips and techniques, as well as specific weekly actions. As a solution, we broke the design into three areas: View, Act and Log, with clear call-to-actions at the end of each section to unlock the next step, funneling the participant through the week. 

Web Application - Savory Living Case Study - Application Screens

Measuring success is an integral component of the program, so we integrated a scorecard into the build which is fed by Start, Middle, and End surveys, as well as daily food tracking data. 

As the number of participants grows, so too must the number of coaches, and their active involvement and communication with each participant is a crucial element to the integrity of the program. Designing an efficient coach dashboard to easily facilitate these personable interactions was fundamental to this project. 

Due to the confidential nature of user inputs, we added additional security features such as encrypting the database in rest and in transit, and hosting the database and the app on separate servers, to ensure Savory Living is HIPAA compliant.

Web Application - Savory Living Case Study - Admin View

The Result

Savory Living is successfully running inside several Fortune 500 companies - teaching people the knowledge and skills they need to eat and feel better. 

“The best decision we made was to hire Grafton Studio to build our web application. I couldn't be more pleased with the design, functionality and scaleability. It delivers on all our goals, and we hear often from customers and coaches how easy it is to use. They are great partners - they really understand our business and continue to deliver smart ideas and flawless execution. If you get the chance to work with these guys - you should take it!”
Sue R. Levy - Savory Living Founder and CEO

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