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Case Study

Link Mapping

Web Application - Interactive Analytics Tool

Link Mapping is a multi-faceted, interactive analytics tool that allows medical science liaisons (MSLs) to access Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient data, using a wide range of filter options.


Link Mapping empowers MSLs to quickly pull and compare MS data at meetings and consultations. With 770,000 data points on offer, Link Mapping provides MSLs with many useful statistics and figures, backing up their discussions with hard data on geography, timeframe, cost, insurance providers, patient demographics, and MS therapies, etc.

Our Approach

This project began with one whopping excel spreadsheet provided to us by Link Health Group, containing the aforementioned 770,000 data points. As many reports had different format needs, a primary design challenge was mapping out the tool’s filters, ensuring structure, consistency and intuition was embedded. An iPad is the device most commonly used by MSLs on the road, so our design optimized the use of a 2048x1536 pixel resolution screen.

Web Application - Link Mapping - Screens

Once designs were signed off, the clock was ticking as our development team had an intensive 6-week timeframe in which to complete the build. After importing the data and writing a schema to accommodate the various filter needs, we had the chance to experiment further with usability, making refinements to our initial designs.

A key element of this product is how it brings dense, raw data to life through visualizations. To achieve this we integrated charting softwares (High Charts and Google Charts), giving MSLs the option to compare data via bar charts or by (multiple or individual) U.S. State heat maps.

The Result

The platform is live and supplying MSLs all over the country with the instant, comparative MS data they require at consultations.

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