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Case Study

Link Learn

Web Application - Medical Science Liaison Training Tool

Link Learn is an interactive training and certification tool, created in partnership with Link Health Group and designed to train and certify professionals of the healthcare industry.


This was our second time teaming up with Link Health Group, an agency who offer an array of services to the healthcare industry in order to ensure the successful launch and adoption of new healthcare products. After our previous joint project—Link Mapping—went live, we were delighted to partner once again on this product.

Our Approach

Link Health Group had been working on this idea for some time, so they had a succinct idea of the desired flow. Our challenge in the design and implementation of the platform was taking the to-date progress (mocked up PowerPoint slides) and developing these with web usability best practices to produce an intuitive tool that matched Link Health Group’s vision.

Link Learn has three core users:

  1. The admin
  2. The company manager
  3. The users themselves

The admin simply adds, edits, or deletes companies and their assigned company managers. The company manager has the majority of the controls: adding, deleting and editing users, assigning modules to users, adding, editing, and deleting training slides, and access to a wealth of user progress/completion data.

Beyond the training modules themselves, users benefit from access to a personal dashboard displaying their module progress as well as access to a resource library containing all reading and video materials on each topic. These materials are also available throughout the module on relevant slides.

Web Application - Link Learn - Screens

If a user provides an incorrect answer, they are forced to review the reading and video materials on the topic again. Upon completion of a module, a user will be fed either a pass or fail screen. If a user fails, they are re-directed back to the start of the module to begin attempt #2.

Web Application - Link Learn - Screenshots

Beyond a simple training platform, Link Learn serves as a data pool for the company manager as it tracks user progress in their training curriculum. To ensure the training is effective in the absence of direct supervision, only the first response to each question counts towards the user’s score. This ensures that users do not use a brute force approach in answering. This element of the tool also provides company managers with the confidence that any of their employees who pass and become officially certified have done so as a result of a robust training system with multiple checks-and-balances.

The Result

Link Learn was completed in time for the first two curriculums to be added. Medical Science Liaisons are presently using and benefitting from the tool, making their way through assigned modules. 

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