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Case Study

History Design Studio


The History Design Studio (HDS) of Harvard University is a creative space where students and scholars design and display the latest formats of historical storytelling while protecting the core values of historians.


We had the pleasure of working with department director, Vincent Brown, and his team on a previous project, Two Plantations. In keeping with their commitment to the latest and greatest forms and presentation of historical content, HDS asked us to redesign their entire website in which all their projects are showcased.  

Our Approach

Showcasing the studio’s projects was the primary focus of the new design and leading with a magazine style allowed the projects to pop straight from the homepage. While the homepage supports featured projects, the designated projects page is where user’s can explore every project in detail.

Craft CMS Website - History Design Studio - Approach

The studio is continuously publishing projects, and as their library grows, their website can easily scale thanks to its integration with Craft CMS.

Craft CMS Website - History Design Studio - Screens

The Result

Now live, Harvard University’s History Design Studio has a new website that lives up to the standards it applies to its own work in “stretching the canvas of historical scholarship.”

“Grafton Studio's openness to novel ideas, adaptability, and creativity produced a remarkable result. I very much look forward to our next project together.”
Vincent Brown, Founding Director of the History Design Studio at Harvard University

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