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Case Study

Hampton Yachts and the Hampton Yacht Group

Custom CMS-Based Websites

Hampton Yachts have been selling beautifully crafted yachts in the American market since 1992. Hampton Yacht Group is the dealership arm of the business, brokering new and secondhand yacht sales out of Seattle, California, Florida, and New England.


Hampton Yachts and Hampton Yacht Group have separate websites, for a number of reasons. is home to the Hampton brand and manufacturing, whereas needed to accommodate other yacht brands in their brokerage sales unit. The previous websites shared a lot of the same content and objectives, but there were inconsistencies between shared content and the individual roles of each website was not clear. We needed to rethink how content is managed, how users are lead to the right information, and how to enable stronger lead generation.

Our Approach

The decision to manage both websites with Craft CMS’s multi-site manager was a no-brainer. It allowed Hampton Yachts and Hampton Yacht Group to share content with consistency, while also protecting their unique elements and identities. 

Craft CMS-Based Websites - Hampton Yachts - Screens

Hampton Yachts content focuses on the quality of Hampton products, company history, and directing consumers to their relevant yacht dealer.

Craft CMS-Based Websites - Hampton Yachts - Screenshots

Hampton Yacht Group’s design objective was to guide the user to the dealer closest to where they do the majority of their boating, e.g. Florida, where they’re fed listings of new and secondhand yacht inventory, and event information.

Craft CMS-Based Websites - Hampton Yachts - Inner Pages

A key aspect of this (and any) business is lead generation. We brought this to the fore by integrating an array of forms throughout the new-and-improved user flow with Mailchimp and Salesforce, enabling the Hampton team to easily follow up with every potential customer.

The Result

Hampton Yachts and Hampton Yacht Group’s respective websites are now live. They possess consist content and branding, while retaining the flexibility and differentiation that Hampton Yacht Group brokers require to sell their own inventory.

“Grafton Studio helped us bring to life our complex and multi-dimensional project. Building out a CMS where we could manage all of the details of our luxury yacht models alongside constantly changing inventory and brokerage vessels was no easy feat. Grafton helped us through every step of the process, from the conceptualization to training us how to use the resulting CMS. We commend them for a job well done.”
Kelsey O'Donnell, Marketing and Creative Manager

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