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Case Study

Google ISP Portal

Front End Development and Design - Portal and Website

Google’s internet service provider (ISP) portal investigates how an ISP’s network is connecting and exchanging traffic with Google’s Edge Network; the primary goal being to improve performance and traffic control between them.


We joined forces with a team of Google engineers down the street in Kendall Square who had been building out the portal for some time. We were tasked with giving the portal some design love and building out the front end code for the Google team to then integrate with their back end. We also designed a new logo for the portal and built a corresponding pubic-facing website.

Our Approach

As the portal grew over time to house more information, valuable data became buried and difficult to find. Our first challenge was to develop a navigation structure and flow through each section which intuitively served up this information, and could scale over time.

Front End Development and Design - Google ISP Portal - Screens Depicting Data Visualiztions

Once design was completed, we began coding out the front end of the portal and handed it over to the Google team section by section, so they could gradually and seamlessly install it with the back end of their tool.

A public-facing website accompanied the newly designed portal which, through custom graphics and simple content, broke down the complexity of the Edge Network infrastructure.

Front End Development and Design - Google ISP Portal - How It Works Screen

The Result

With the designs now implemented, the Google team continue to evolve the portal by adding additional sections and information for it’s users. Grafton Studio are at hand to assist the Google team with front end needs as they progress with the tool.

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