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Case Study

Double Masters

Website Design and Development

Double Masters is a preeminent simulation technology company. They offer project management simulations and workshops to aspiring and current project management professionals across the globe.

Project Summary

Double Masters’ website had become dated and as additional content was loaded through the years, users found it increasingly difficult to find specific information. The Double Masters customer service team experienced an upsurge in inquiries that could be answered with information that lived on the website, but was clearly being missed by site visitors. Therefore, our aim became to update their website with crystal clear messaging, obvious calls to action and relevant imagery. Another goal of the project was to bolster their SEO, putting it at the forefront of the build to help in their business development effort.  


Project management is Double Masters’ business, so it came as no surprise when, at the start of the project, we received a specific content diagram broken down into detailed sections. This organized starting point enabled us to mockup wireframes directly to these specifications, and to quickly confirm page layouts and the overall website navigation and flow.

Website Design and Development - Double Masters - Approach

After a few rounds of iteration we were into the design phase, where the real fun begins. We set out for the design to be clean, but also include elements of simulation to differentiate the design.

Website Design and Development - Double Masters - Screenshot

With design approval (even from the Founder’s 11-year old son!) we entered the development phase from which our final product was static HTML/CCC/JavaScript templates, which Double Masters then used to populate content and launch their brand new site.

Website Design and Development - Double Masters - Screens

The Result

The site is now a proper representation of the Double Masters brand. It provides site visitors with the information they need to make a decision while shopping around for simulation technology. In addition, the website has experienced an increased rate of traffic thanks to it’s improving SEO.

See the Final Product

“We enjoyed working with Grafton Studio on this project. After our initial meeting at their office, we worked in an iterative manner until we were able to achieve the desired website design. The clever way they used our logo colors and were able to express the desired look and feel was fun. Once we started in the development phase, we worked in harmony between the Double Masters team and the Grafton Studio team for testing and fixing issues. The team at Grafton Studio is responsive and very easy to work with. We were very pleased with their work.”
Alexandra Zouncourides-Lull, Principal and Co-Founder

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