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Chhange Exhibit Tablet App

Web Application

We originally worked with Chhange (Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education) to produce an app that is displayed on two 60 inch touch screens at the end of their genocide exhibit at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey (read all about it here). After completing that project, Chhange engaged us to produce another app that would live on tablets that accompany users as they go through the entire exhibit.


Chhange have produced a beautiful exhibit to educate visitors on the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide. Working within physical limitations, Chhange wanted to produce a tablet app that could showcase additional audiovisual information not included in the physical display, and also help guide visitors through the respective genocide stories.

Our Approach

From a design perspective, we wanted to ensure users could locate the section or artifact they wanted to learn more about as easily as possible. We therefore replicated the wall screens within the app, blurring out any aspect that didn’t have additional information available on the tablet app. Also, Chhange created a distinct flow to each genocide section, so the app made it clearer which wall the user should go to next via a navigation/progress bar across the top of the tablet screen.

When an image or artifact is selected, the user can then enjoy additional images, videos, audio files, and text. Each wall also contained a question which aligns to Chhange’s core principle of engagement, and empowers exhibit visitors to stand up to injustice and become active, involved citizens.

Web Application - Chhange Exhibit Tablet App - Screens

Finally, a survivor directory was added to the app so a visitor could look up a survivor they are aware of (perhaps a member of their community), learn more about that person and any artifacts related to them.

The Result

Chhange’s visitors can now unlock a whole bank of additional resources and insights that weren’t originally available, given space constraints.

“When we needed a web app to accompany our exhibit, we knew from their prior work that Grafton was the team for this. From concept to wireframes to their bespoke design and coding we are always impressed by Grafton’s talent for taking a project to the next level. They really listen and understand a project well enough to offer agile and innovative solutions that have increased our visitors' interest and engagement.”
Karen Finkelstein, Director of Media & Technology

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