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Case Study

Brain Power - Regain

Web Application - Concussion Monitoring and Recovery

Brain Power offer tools and services to help an array of brain-related challenges. The research regarding the severity of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) has become frightening in recent years. Brain Power’s latest product, “Regain,” assists those with TBI by monitoring and increasing their rate of healing via various exercises designed by their team of neuroscientists.


Brain Power’s medical science and in-house development team began building the app so a physician treating a patient with concussion could prescribe exercises that increase the rate of patient healing and monitor their progress over the course of recovery. With the core API built out, we were brought in to design and build out the front-end of the physician dashboard in React JS.

Our Approach

Our project goal was to deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) within 7 weeks. We were keen to get the product into the hands of physicians and patients as early as possible so we could refine it based on their feedback.

The Brain Power team provided a requirements specification outlining the core functionality, and from there we sketched out the user flows and screens. Throughout the project we worked closely with the Brain Power team (who are conveniently based down the street in Kendall Square) to ensure we were accounting for all future variables and not pigeonholing the MVP, instead building one that can be built upon in the future.

Web Application - Concussion Monitoring and Recovery Our Approach

The physician side of the MVP comprises of a patient list that physicians can manage at a glance and see their patient’s results from their last session. It also has a calendar view where physicians can explore each session’s metrics, and a trends view where the data over the course of the prescription is graphed to show the patients rate of improvement which assists the physician in deciding when to change up the patient's exercise prescription.

Web Application - Concussion Monitoring and Recovery Screens

The Result

With Regain now in production, the BrainPower team is busy testing their new app with physicians across the country, gathering valuable feedback and data before we jump back in and refine the product so it is ready for market.

“Grafton was excellent to work with -- highly recommend! Great quality and very flexible to help us meet our timeline and requirements for our MVP.”
Joseph Salisbury, PhD, Director of Software Development

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