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Case Study

Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research (ACIR)

Craft CMS-based website

ACIR's mission? To fast-track cancer immunotherapy research by making it easy for researchers to stay on top of the newest literature in the field.

How It Began

To achieve their mission, ACIR produce weekly digests that point users to the most significant breakthroughs published each week in the fast-moving field of cancer immunotherapy. Grafton Studio teamed up with ACIR to architect, design and develop a website that serves up this important content in an approachable manner.

Our Approach

Making the weekly digests and archived journal articles easily accessible was of paramount importance when designing the website. We incorporated the use of robust search, popular tags search, and tagging functionality to make information on specific topics super straightforward to locate.

Craft CMS-based website - ACIR - Screenshot Of About ACIR Page

This website was ACIR’s first foray into the digital world, so we worked closely with them to develop a brand that befitted its academic and serious content, without falling into the confines of the traditionally sterile look-and-feel of medical research sites.

Craft CMS-based website - ACIR - Screens

We elected to use Craft CMS as their content management system; with new content being published on a daily basis, Craft is easy to use and will allow ACIR to launch content quickly and seamlessly.

The Results

Now live, the ACIR site is churning out weekly digests and augmenting their subscription base. We are proud to help ACIR actively work towards their mission by supporting their changing technology needs on an ongoing basis.

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“We are thrilled with the outcome and the journey we took together with Grafton Studio to build the ACIR website and Weekly Newsletter. Their experience and creativity led to many enhancements of our ideas and they enthusiastically built an underlying database for our extensive and annotated article library. The successful blending of visual elements and information content with functional navigability created the easy to use and thoughtful experience we want our users to have. We look forward to continuing our work with Grafton Studio and recommend them without reservation.”
Ed Fritsch, President, Fritsch Foundation, Ute Burkhardt, Chief Medical Scientist/Executive Editor,

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