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Case Study

Abbilon Investments

Web Application- Investment Advice & Research

Investing in the stock market can seem daunting; Abbilon Investment reduces the scare factor by bringing sound investment advice to the masses through an affordable online tool. With reporting on hundreds of Abbilon-preferred publicly traded companies, and recommended portfolios tailored to each user, Abbilon offers its users the kind of investment advice previously restricted to those with medium to large sized portfolios managed by brokers.

A Little Background

Our client struggled to have the complexities of this project accounted for in previous attempts. We provided a 100% custom solution which, in conjunction with user interviews, offered maximum flexibility and deeper consumer insights to bring a tool of this nature to life.

Our Approach

Reducing barriers to entry, and engaging visitors was the primary objective of the homepage. With four simple questions, a user is offered a free snapshot of what their portfolio would look like and it’s projected return. From there, a user is invited to start a 30 day free trial and delve into thorough company stock reporting to back up the portfolio suggestion.

Web Application- Investment Advice & Research - Abbilon Investments - 4x Screens Depicting the "Signing Up" Process

A major selling point of the application is the Research Library, which give the most novice investor the guidance they need to beat the market - in conjunction with their tailored portfolios based on a user’s persona attributes. We gave user dashboards clarity and functionality by projecting returns in 1, 5 and 10 year increments, splitting out diversification of the portfolio, and showing when stocks should be bought or sold. If a user is curious about stocks that lie outside of Abbilon’s preferred stock selection, they are able to search outside their suggested list, and edit their portfolio accordingly.

Web Application- Investment Advice & Research - Abbilon Investments - Profile Report Image

The administrative dashboard was developed to seamlessly manage user accounts, portfolios, and most importantly, populate reporting data. Finally, to help with the populating of reports, we integrate with Yahoo's API so stock information like "recent price" remained updated and current.

The Result

Grafton Studio are thrilled to have been able to provide the level of customization that Abbilon Investments required for this project to finally come to life. As their web partner, we are working with them to continue enhancing the product as user feedback rolls in, and iterate accordingly.

See the Final Product

“A lot of agencies say they can create anything you want. Grafton Studio actually does it. They listened to our ideas, researched the issues, and delivered solutions that often exceeded our expectations. We love those guys.”
Oriosto Medrano, Abbilon Founder

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