A 10-Point Summary of May 2016

by Grafton Studio Team | Jun 1, 2016 | [[ readEstimate ]] min read

The weather during May had us all upbeat and ready for summer. Besides the sun, here are a few other highlights:

Launched Zephyr Forms (an application that allows legal professionals and their clients to collaborate on forms required by the courts)

Sean visited Madrid and Marbella in Spain with his family, catching a Real Madrid game during his travels

The timeless Daniel celebrated his birthday

Three projects finished being designed and moved into development, 2 projects finished being developed and are being quality checked, and 2 projects went live

Luke got a new toy in the shape of a Fujifilm X-Pro2

Settled into our new digs in Harvard Square, installed IdeaPaint, and finally agreed on where the all-important couch should live

Redesigned our sales proposal (so expect to be awed if a proposal comes your way)

Daniel continued to nurse his broken leg, graduating from crutches to a cane

Luke continued with his guitar lessons, despite not practicing from one lesson to the next

Built our first native iOS app