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by Sean Treacy | Oct 26, 2017 | [[ readEstimate ]] min read

When I visit friends and family back in Ireland, they’ll politely ask me how work is going (probably with the hope that my response is short and sweet). I’ll enthusiastically launch into my typical work rant, and peter off as I see myself losing the crowd. But recently I feel I’ve been getting a little more interest in response, thanks largely to some particularly unique projects we’ve developed recently.

I know I haven’t been asked, but here they are:

Princeton and Slavery

We designed and developed a website that explores Princeton University's ties to the institution of slavery. A number of Ivy League schools have produced similar websites over the past few years, but Princeton’s version is expected to be the largest data display of it’s kind (a lot of Princeton students were from the South in the nineteenth century)

The Princeton and Slavery website will be launched during an event at the University in November

Dual Screen Princeton

Touchscreen exhibit for the Current Crisis Exhibit

We teamed up with the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education (Chhange) to produce two touch screen exhibits that will be featured at the Current Crisis Exhibits in Brookdale Community College, New Jersey. The exhibit walks visitors through the stories of Genocide survivors.

The exhibits are being installed this week and we are excited to be immediately starting our second project with Chhange. The new project will allows visitors to view additional content through an app that will be displayed on 50 tablets throughout the museum.

Dual Screen Chhange


Dutch firm NEDAP utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that allows retailers to optimize their inventories, and reduce stolen or lost items. We were brought on to build out an app for NEDAP's clients to view all data coming in from NEDAP’s API in a simple way.

Dual Screen Nedap

Boston Latin School Intranet

We partnered with the Boston Latin School to build a web app that allows teachers search the whereabouts of students - e.g. if John Smith doesn't come to class, teachers can search his name and see he last checked in/scanned his student card at the nurse's office, or elsewhere. Students can also make bookings - e.g. reserve a space in the library or time with guidance counselor in advance.

Dual Screen Bl

These few projects have been really enjoyable to work on and, looking back, are projects we are proud of. Here’s hoping our next few projects can also hold the attention of friends and family as well!