A 10-Point Summary of June 2016

by Grafton Studio Team | Jul 10, 2016 | [[ readEstimate ]] min read

Summer officially began and Ireland beat Italy at the European Soccer Championship. Here are a few other things that happened during the month of June:

Zephyr Forms began beta testing with real users

Luke visited Washington DC, explored the city and checked out several museums and memorials

We organized and helped sponsor a Leinster Rugby Camp which put 60 middle/high schoolers in Boston through their paces

Hosted our second Front End Friday web design and development event and had a great time

Daniel shared his thoughts on great logo design

Sean enjoyed a lovely workcation on the North Shore

Put together a website starter worksheet

Three projects moved from design into development, two other projects were coded out and quality checked for launch

Weighed in on the benefits of using Craft CMS over WordPress

Posted our Google and Zephyr Forms case studies