A 10-Point Summary of January 2017

by Grafton Studio Team | Feb 8, 2017 | [[ readEstimate ]] min read

It was kindly pointed out to us recently that we posted just seven monthly summaries during 2016. As we strive for progress, here is 2017’s first 10-Point summary!

We started exciting new projects with Princeton and Slavery, Harvard’s History Design Studio, and Double Masters

Ross completed his first full website build, coding out the templates and integrating them seamlessly into Craft CMS

Luke completed a survival course in the New Hampshire woods (best to be prepared!)

We posted a case study about our recent work with the MIT AgeLab

We completed the initial build of Link Learn, a compliance training tool which will be piloted by two clients in February and March

Ross headed north to his ski house a couple of weekends in a row

We began development for the Boston Latin School Portal, a tool that allows teachers to quickly check the whereabouts of students

UEI began loading content for their e-commerce website

Sean became a Charlestown resident and wannabe Townie

We began the development of Link Mapping, an analytics tool with over 50 reports