A 10-Point Summary of August 2016

by Grafton Studio Team | Sep 5, 2016 | [[ readEstimate ]] min read

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we took some time to reflect on the month of August. It was sports-filled: the Rio Olympics came and went, college football and NFL returned to our screens, and Conor McGregor notched another win in the UFC. We did, however, squeeze in some work too, here is the rundown:

Launched the Abbilon Investment's app

Daniel gave up his last Saturday of the month to hone his UX skills at General Assembly

After user testing, Zephyr Forms decided to rethink their user models which we have since revised and deployed

Signed new agreements with Accelerating Cancer Immunotherapy Research, and Burns and Farrey

Worked through the user experience and information architecture phase with United Electronic Industries

Sean celebrated his birthday!

Posted our Van Stry Case Study

Luke jumped on his motorcycle on a Saturday morning and ended up in Montreal

Sean became a user of Savory Living, one of our first clients and one we continue to support

Daniel walked us through various design workflows in his most recent blog post